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M. Malla e hijos

Flamenco Guitar Modesto Mesh F8

Flamenco Guitar Modesto Mesh F8

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MODEL DESCRIPTION F-8: Luxurious aesthetics with artisan finishes, highlighting the original design of the headstock in red and its two-color edging that further enhances its beauty like its younger sister F5, but with a more powerful and powerful sound, which is extremely important given that it must be heard over the clicking of the dancers' heels, a quality that makes it perfect for flamenco and as a consequence it becomes the choice of the most knowledgeable. Its headstock finished in gold with black pegs provides that distinction that will characterize a luxury piece. Comfortable, with a very flamenco and brilliant tone, it is characterized and distinguished by its tremendous power that surprises even the most demanding guitarists. It includes a core in the neck, thanks to its advanced construction technology, which will allow us to regulate the height of the strings. (Allen key included).                           

  • Top: Solid spruce "Selection"
  • Sides and back: Sycamore "Selection"
  • Neck: Cedar with adjustable truss rod
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Strings: Savarez
  • Headstock: Gold
  • Pegs: Black
  • Pickguard: full transparent.
  • Shoulder strap buttons: Optional
  • Amplified: Optional
  • Red color
Available option with cover or case (SEE OPTIONS TAB).       
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