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"DOUBLE OS1" preamp reverb, chorus, delay, mic and bluetooth

"DOUBLE OS1" preamp reverb, chorus, delay, mic and bluetooth

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Incredible technology. Professional sound quality.

Electric guitar amplification preamp, bridge pickup and internal microphone. Reverb, chorus, delay and bluetooth effects. Usb rechargeable battery

Although it is a very fun and versatile preamp due to its incredible functions, it must be taken very seriously given that it is known and used by famous guitarists on the best stages, for its real and excellent quality sound.

It is equipped with a self-powered mini speaker that is installed inside the guitar, which means that even if we are not connected to an amplifier we can use the reverb, chorus and delay effects, as well as Bluetooth and play songs, bases or tracks while we play.

Rechargeable 18650 3.7v battery (optional)

USB charging cable included

Complete kit to install with or without battery included. We also offer installation. (See options tabs when purchasing)


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