Our history

Yotoko begins as a result of a long history and a previous generation.
My father "Modesto Malla" taught me everything I know about guitars. I decided to be a guitarist and singer within the world of Catalan rumba, since I was born in the neighborhood where this genre was created "El Raval De Barcelona".
I got to play with the best rumberos since I was 15 years old and my need was always to have a guitar with a piezo (pickup) in the bridge, as well as an internal microphone so that it could pick up the sound of the blow on the wood. I needed it to measure up in a professional setting connected to a line, since achieving freedom of movement was essential to avoid having to be static, immobile and glued to a microphone.
There were few options that matched my needs and even fewer if you needed reverb chorus or other effects. The only option was to buy pedals and go through the work of loading them, transporting them, assembling them, wiring them, joining them, etc. In addition to not having control over them other than with my foot, forcing me to be close or return to where they were when I needed to activate or deactivate them. "I needed to have everything at hand and on the same guitar"
Reasonably priced preamp guitars often left a lot to be desired and didn't include anything I was looking for.
With few options to choose from and very high prices when you demanded quality, I thought there should be a wide range of possibilities at affordable prices.
After the years, I still had the same need and decided to dedicate myself to finding solutions and sharing them with those who had the same problem. Thus "Yotoko" was born.
I, Baldomero Malla, am at the head of this company and I promise to be at the forefront of the best to offer you.
Be welcome, consult and clarify all your doubts without obligation. Our team will assist you with the best attention and will advise you according to your preferences, needs and adjusting to your budget.

My wish is that you find what I couldn't find, at the best price and within your pocket.