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Modesto Mesh Flamenco Guitar "Chata"/D (SELF-AMPLIFIED Double OS1) Bluetooth

Modesto Mesh Flamenco Guitar "Chata"/D (SELF-AMPLIFIED Double OS1) Bluetooth

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Padded polyethylene cover

DESCRIPTION OF THE "Chata" MODEL: Suitable for beginners and advanced users, robust with luxurious aesthetics with artisan finishes . It includes a truss rod in the neck, thanks to its advanced construction technology, which will allow us to regulate the height of the strings. (Allen key included).

Powerful and flamenco timbre, very comfortable to press. A surprising guitar of very high demand, which satisfies the most demanding for its beauty, comfort and tone at the level of guitars with much higher prices.

  • Top: Laminated spruce
  • Sides and back: Eruque (Laminated Cypress)
  • Neck: Cedar with adjustable truss rod
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Strings: Alice AC106
  • Headstock: Gold
  • Pegs: Black
  • Pickguard: full transparent.
  • Upper: With gold logo
  • Shoulder strap buttons : YES
  • Self-amplified: (Previous Double OS1 Bluetooth).
Option available with padded polyethylene cover. (SEE OPTIONS TAB).
DESCRIPTION OF THE "DOUBLE OS1" AMPLIFICATION PREVIEW: Double is known for being an amplification brand used by many famous guitarists on the most important stages. Incredible technology, achieving excellent professional sound quality. This model includes a bridge pickup, internal microphone and reverb, chorus and delay effects. It has Bluetooth to play any sending from devices such as mobile phone, etc. It also incorporates an internal self-powered speaker, installed inside the back of the guitar, which reproduces the effects and Bluetooth even without the need for an external amplifier. Usb rechargeable battery.      
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